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“The essential app for anyone seriously wanting to learn a language, period”

Look up and study Chinese Words

Click Chinese words in websites and subtitles and see their definitions, images, pronunciations, and ChatGPT AI-generated explanations in real context.

Learn Chinese in Chinese with Migaku. Whether your goal is basic Chinese, or passing the HSK. Migaku helps you focus on learning the new words most relevant to your own goals.

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Create flashcards for a Chinese sentence in context! Learning Chinese from your favorite kung fu movies, or c-dramas is effective and enjoyable!

The flashcards you make contain:

The new word you’re learning and its context sentence, a screenshot, audio, definition, an AI explanation for it and more.

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Study Chinese where you want, when you want

Study your flashcards on the computer or on your phone, enjoy learning Chinese in a way that fits into your life.

You review your flashcards just before you’re about to forget them. You can learn a large number of Chinese words without the fear that you will end up forgetting them.

Enjoy studying like a pro anytime, anywhere

Track words you learn and find content at your level

Migaku tracks all the Chinese words you learn.

This data is used to create a Chinese comprehension score for every site you visit. You can reference this score to find content at your level.

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If you’re just beginning...

How do you learn basic Chinese?

Start learning Chinese with our Beginner Courses. They teach you Chinese pronunciation, and then 80% of the most common Chinese words and grammar patterns used in Chinese TV shows and movies.

  • Teaches basic up to intermediate Chinese

  • Comprehensive lessons introduce new Chinese words and grammar

  • Study 1 new word at a time



Extra Info

For the diphthong ao, the a blends into an o sound, akin to the in ”how”.



Extra Info

For the diphthong ai, the a keeps its original sound but quickly blends into an ee sound, similar to the i in ”fight”.

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Adrian Reed

See the review.

The browser extension is an amazing tool that covers almost everything a learner can dream of. Even if you are already fluent in a language, it can still help you getting the extra edge! Also, the community and support are awesome and you can really see the developers care about the users.

Alexander | 苦集滅道

See the review.

Been using the Migaku Toolset for a good while now and I'm amazed. This has literally changed my life by changing my daily routine. I love this so much and I'll recommend this to everyone I know who is also interested in language learning 😊



See the review.

As a language learning approach, Migaku is compassionate and human. It is truly refreshing to have these philosophies be brought to the community.


See the review.

After a year I can actually hold a decent conversation with my grandparents in Mandarin! I hated not being able to understand what everyone was gossiping about, laughing about, or upset about at the dinner table, but now I actually can connect with my family on a deeper level thanks to Migaku.

Manuel Tausch


See the review.

I'm using Migaku to learn Chinese and I'm making a TON of progress creating flashcards on the fly from Netflix subtitles using the Migaku browser extension. This feature is a GAME CHANGER and really speeds up my flashcard creation process, the cards even contain the originally dialogue audio and screenshots. This really improves my reading, listening and speaking skills!


See the review.

Makes tracking progress and learning new words easier :)

Thomas Collins

See the review.

I am a serial Chinese language app user Lingodeer, ChineseSkill, Ling, Lingq, The Chairman's bao, Memrise, SuperChinese, Mondly are all apps I have lifetime subscriptions with but this is by far the most fun and powerful. If I were to recommend one app to a person learning Chinese Migaku is the one. It has courses for newbies and is so flexible and powerful you'll be able to use it as an advanced learner.



See the review.

I recently started to enjoy immersion learning… and it is very effective. 👍

Nick Heller

See the review.

Discovering Migaku for Mandarin has been the most mind-blowing experience for language learning I've ever had. The integration between comprehensible input with Netflix, Youtube, etc. and flashcards/anki is awesome!

Eli Goodrich

See the review.

I became frustrated with the endless glut of subpar language resources... Migaku does all of the heavy lifting for you: customized card creation in Anki or its native app... I have now reached an upper B2 level... Migaku has turned it from a laborious process into an exciting life's journey.


See the review.

Since early years Migaku has been helping me in my studies of Mandarin Chinese (Traditional Characters) to advance in my intermediate level. The tools offered to help me develop my vocabulary and comprehesion of my target language while enjoying the media that I like, it doesnt have a price.

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