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Migaku is the best way to learn Japanese, whether you want to learn basic Japanese, or pass the JLPT exam. Migaku helps you to learn the Japanese words that will help you most on your own learning journey.

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The second character is り, which is represented as ri, and the pronunciation is between the ree in reed and the lee in leek.

What a cute ribbon (ri), isn’t it?

来週 らいしゅう

next week

The first character is ら, which is represented as /ra/, and the pronunciation is close to a combination of the /rah rah/ as if you were cheering and the /la la/ like singing.

It’s a cute rabbit (ra) with its ears.

来週 らいしゅう

next week

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See the review.

I have been using Migaku for years now. However, the recent revamp has been a game changer. Especially the new card creator and Migaku memory as it is so simplistic and is very effective! Hands down the best product for language learning.


See the review.

Good deal to be sure. 5 euros a month to make my own personalized Japanese flashcards based on what I'm CURRENTLY consuming, the context makes it much easier to remember.

Gabriel Arcega


See the review.

I've been studying Japanese for almost a year now and I think this is gonna be the final puzzle piece to fluency for me. Can't thank you enough! And I'll be using these tools to learn future languages as well. :)


See the review.

Immersion methods for aquiring languages have been really effective for me, but there is a lot of work that has to be done. Sometimes I felt like I was spending more time setting up all the resources to learn rather than learning. Migaku takes care of all of that so that I can just focus on studying while the migaku tools do all the hard work.

Matty Natt

See the review.

Migaku has helped expand my Japanese vocabulary knowledge from about 2,000 to 5,000 in just 3 months.


See the review.

When learning Japanese, creating flashcards used to consume a significant amount of time and effort for me... Migaku simplifies these processes by automating them. Highly recommended.


See the review.

Japanese words can be difficult to remember and often have nuance that doesn't come across in translations or dictionary definitions. Using Migaku to learn words in the context of the shows I liked made it way easier to remember them and get a solid grasp on the specific meaning.

Rome Drori

See the review.

Migaku is extremely helpful for encouraging me to immerse in Japanese and has helped me fill in some of those final gaps to fluency.


See the review.

I started using Migaku to start studying Japanese again after a friend recommended it to me. In just one week, it has made immersing in Japanese content so easy and not intimidating anymore, thus making me feel more confident in engaging with content in my target language. With my motivation renewed, I hope to use Migaku to help me reach near-fluency in Japanese :)


See the review.

Thanks to Migaku I made so much progress in a relative short amount of time...I absolutely can recommend the tool set to everyone who wanna learn a language efficently with fun at the same time!


See the review.

What I love about Migaku is that I can learn from real Japanese content intended for natives rather than formulated textbooks and courses.


See the review.

Using Migaku has made watching native Japanese content a lot more approachable.

Destin Estrela

See the review.

An absolute game changer. I have Migaku's products to thank for getting me to JLPT N2 level Japanese with no explicit studying other than 20 minutes a day of flashcards. Never have I been so happy to subscribe to a service.

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