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Meet the team

Migaku is built by an experienced team of accomplished language learners, power users, and industry professionals. We’re building the platform we always wished existed.



He’s traveled the world and dabbled in over 10 languages, learned Japanese, Mandarin, and Portuguese to fluency, and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.

Creative Director


Fluent in his native language German, English and Japanese. He operates an investment company in Tokyo and uses Migaku to improve his industry-specific Japanese.

Back-End Dev Lead


A German native who learned English through manga and is now learning Japanese. Mostly self-taught, he’s been using his programming prowess to contribute to Migaku from its earliest stages.

Content Team Lead


A native German speaker who speaks fluent English and Japanese. He passed the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N1) in just 1.5 years.

Front-End Dev Lead


As a working professional, textbooks and night-classes weren’t getting his Japanese anywhere. But Migaku actually worked. Now he’s a veteran power user, super fan, and proud member of the dev team.

Design Lead


She learned fluent Japanese and has lived and worked in France and the Netherlands while learning French. She’s currently using Migaku daily to improve her language proficiency.

Operations & Support


He has a Master’s in Spanish, learning Cantonese, Portuguese, and German. He’s tutored and taught Spanish, and is involved in many immersion learning communities and Cantonese resource projects.

Front-End Developer


Now living in Japan with over 6 years of front-end experience in a range of companies, he still makes time for Japanese, music, retro games, vintage clothing, and sake.

Android & KMP Developer


Experienced Android Engineer, expert in Kotlin and modern app architectures. Native Portuguese speaker using Migaku to explore new cultures.

iOS Developer


A native Viet that finds himself working in Finland. He has a penchant for travel and technology, and now uses Migaku daily to learn Japanese through Dragon Ball and Captain Tsubasa.

Anki & Full-Stack Developer


Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, he’s a prolific Anki dev who maintains the Migaku Anki add-ons. He’s studied Japanese for over 15 years, and enjoys playing Switch and with his cat, Mina.

Front-End Developer


Fluent in English and Arabic, he learned basic Japanese and Korean from watching anime and k-dramas. Is currently using Migaku to hone his language abilities further.

Front-End Developer


A Vietnamese native who became fluent in English through self-learning and immersion, despite never setting foot beyond the border. He uses Migaku daily to advance his language skills.

Back-End Developer


Native in Spanish, fluent in English, and currently using Migaku to improve his Japanese, with aims to learn 3 additional Romance languages, driven by a passion for memory techniques.

Android & KMP Developer


Grew up fluent in Tagalog and English, and picked up German and Japanese during some time abroad. Other than coding, she loves dancing and traveling!

Learning Materials Creator


A native Latvian living in Shanghai. He speaks fluent Mandarin, English, Russian, German, and has dabbled in a ton of languages! He’s translated several famous books into Latvian.

Learning Materials Creator


A native Japanese speaker with fantastic English ability. She’s an author of a funny Japanese book about the nuances of the English language.

Learning Materials Creator


After nearly a decade mastering Korean, she’s been hard at work on Migaku’s Korean learning materials. A busy mom of three who worked on the popular Refold KO1K deck.

Learning Materials Creator


A native Korean fluent in English with a wealth of experience in teaching Korean and a renowned tutor. He loves helping people learn Korean efficiently.