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The verb

Negative meaning of the verb

In this lesson, we will explore the Chinese verb lái that expresses the action of coming or arriving at a place similar to the English verb to come.

This verb has many different uses, but the basic meaning is the opposite of .


tā men lái bàn gōng shì

They come to the office.


xiǎo hái lái xué xiào

The children come to school.

이 , 그 , 저

This, that, that over there

The words 이,그,저 mean “this”, “that”, and “that over there” respectively. 이,그,저 are added to a noun to create meanings like; “this boy”, “that girl”, and “that teacher over there”.

이 is used to refer to something that is close to the speaker:

친구는 의사야

This friend is a doctor

이 오빠는 대학생이야

This older brother is a college student

The first character is ら, which is represented as /ra/, and the pronunciation is close to a combination of the /rah rah/ as if you were cheering and the /la la/ like singing.

It’s a cute rabbit (ra) with its ears.

来週 らいしゅう

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