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“The essential app for anyone seriously wanting to learn a language, period”

Start watching Netflix in Japanese in 3 months

Ever wondered if you’ll progress past ineffective apps and textbooks and start learning the real living language? Migaku has tools and concrete steps that will get you there fast.

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What the heck is Migaku?

Migaku is a powerful Chrome extension that turns your favorite websites into simple and effective learning materials

Works with these popular sites


Skip this step if you’re not a beginner!

Learn the most common words

You’re unsure how to even begin watching and reading content in a foreign language, it all seems so overwhelming…

You first learn the most common words and grammar patterns that make up 80+% of the foreign language content you’ll watch and read. This prepares you for Step 2.

Step 1

The verb

Negative meaning of the verb

In this lesson, we will explore the Chinese verb lái that expresses the action of coming or arriving at a place similar to the English verb to come.

This verb has many different uses, but the basic meaning is the opposite of .


tā men lái bàn gōng shì

They come to the office.


xiǎo hái lái xué xiào

The children come to school.

The first character is ら, which is represented as /ra/, and the pronunciation is close to a combination of the /rah rah/ as if you were cheering and the /la la/ like singing.

It’s a cute rabbit (ra) with its ears.

来週 らいしゅう

next week

Watch and read real native content

Native content seems unapproachable, you’re not even sure how you can start making sense of it…

Click words in websites and subtitles to look up definitions, pronunciations, images, and ChatGPT AI generated explanations of words in context.

Step 2

00:36 - 00:39

00:39 - 00:41

00:41 - 00:43

00:43 - 00:46

Show in context
Create 1 card
Clear selection

Tap the words

Hover over the words

try it!

Create your own learning materials

You’ve always been frustrated and bored using apps and taking classes. The materials are never very engaging…

Choose content that interests you, then effortlessly create flashcards directly from that content. Each new word you learn increases your understanding.

The flashcards you create include:

The new word and its context sentence, audio, screenshot, definition, AI explanation, and much more!

Step 3

Create a card

try it!

Remember what you learn

You have no idea how you’re going to remember what you’re learning, remembering foreign words is so tough…

You review the flashcards you’ve created at regular intervals, which prevents you from forgetting them. Spaced repetition makes retaining information much easier.

Step 4

Enjoy studying like a pro anytime, anywhere

Find new content that matches your ability

It’s such a hassle to find content that matches your current level of ability, it seems like an unsolvable problem…

Migaku tracks all the words you learn, and generates a comprehension score for the content you visit. This makes it easy to choose what to watch or read next!

Step 5

Check your comprehension!

try it!

But it all seems so technical...!

Rest assured setting up Migaku is easy and just takes a couple minutes

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A team you can trust

The Migaku team is full of successful language learners who learned languages from native content. We’re building the platform we always wished existed.



He’s traveled the world and dabbled in over 10 languages, learned Japanese, Mandarin, and Portuguese to fluency, and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.

Creative Director


Fluent in his native language German, English and Japanese. He operates an investment company in Tokyo and uses Migaku to improve his industry-specific Japanese.

Content Team Lead


A native German speaker who speaks fluent English and Japanese. He passed the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N1) in just 1.5 years.

Design Lead


She learned fluent Japanese and has lived and worked in France and the Netherlands while learning French. She’s currently using Migaku daily to improve her language proficiency.

Learning Materials Creator


A native Latvian living in Shanghai. He speaks fluent Mandarin, English, Russian, German, and has dabbled in a ton of languages! He’s translated several famous books into Latvian.

Learning Materials Creator


A native Japanese speaker with fantastic English ability. She’s an author of a funny Japanese book about the nuances of the English language.

In total, we are a ~20 person team of talented developers and language professionals

Meet the team

I’m an advanced language learner, can Migaku still help me?

Absolutely! Migaku is a powerful tool under the hood and has countless features for intermediate and advanced learners:

Monolingual dictionaries

Import your own subtitles

Import words you already know

Language specific features

Hotkeys for everything

Advanced text-to-speech

Create flashcards for entire dialogues

Many customizable options

Flashcard stats

Adrian Reed (マイクだよ)

See the review.

The browser extension is an amazing tool that covers almost everything a learner can dream of. Even if you are already fluent in a language, it can still help you getting the extra edge! Also, the community and support are awesome and you can really see the developers care about the users.

Abas Farah


See the review.

@MigakuOfficial You guys r doing great things. Just started using the browser extension to build spanish/russian anki cards and they're game changing. Immersion is so much easier now. 🙏🔥

Jeison Martinez

See the review.

Just great!

Chris Lane


See the review.

The Migaku addons have played a huge part in supporting me all the way to fluency. Excited to see everything that’s coming up!

Model of a Modern Major General

See the review.

Over the span of one year I was able to achieve near native-like comprehension to content. For two years before that time, I was relying on Duolingo and only achieved a decimal of the progress compared to using Migaku.


See the review.

I love you, Migaku. You make learning languages so much easier.



See the review.

Day by day Migaku is getting more advanced

*⋆༓☽ SEULGI ☾༓⋆*

See the review.

I love Kanji God... it made me dump Heisig entirely and it's super easy.



See the review.

Migaku Dictionary is the best thing that has ever happened to my language learning journey, honestly. After 2 years of slacking off on anki and making only ~1k cards per year, this year in 2.5 months I'm already at 500, thanks to how easy it is! I'd even say that it's now... enjoyable!!! Wow!!

Connor Williams

See the review.

Good tool for language learning. Use it daily. Pretty poggers

Mochizuki Mei 🇪🇸➡️🇯🇵


See the review.

I would like to thank @MigakuOfficial for their amazing Add-ons and tools, I'm a happy subscriber! Happy learning everyone!

I absolutely love the Migaku SRS it is so much cleaner than anki


See the review.

Your product has saved me so much time sentence mining and watching things. Very valuable.

I love and prefer reading with Migaku though 🥲 and it's what i'm doing with japanese, chinese and german ❤️ again thank you guys 😃



See the review.

As a language learning approach, Migaku is compassionate and human. It is truly refreshing to have these philosophies be brought to the community.



See the review.

Really enjoying @MigakuOfficial to sentence mine Spanish sentences on YouTube!

Migaku gives this feeling of "I think can do it!!!" That why I love it.

Sean Cardwell


See the review.

I personally love it and have used even before official Korean support. If anyone plans on learning via immersion and Anki then they should really consider trying it.

شيماء صلاح


See the review.

You are a miracle. This is the most useful thing in the world.


See the review.

I love all the stats you guys added. One of the reasons why I pay for Migaku is because I like seeing my known words and all that. I'll be excited to see your reader app come out, since right now Migaku has me at like 30k known words. Migaku seems like it's really close to being a one-stop-shop for language learning.



See the review.

This is truly the future of language learning.

Santi Younger


See the review.

@MigakuOfficial is one of the best and most advanced apps for language learning. Specially if you use Anki.

I love the convenience of Migaku and I'm happy with what it gives me so its tots worth for me.

Makes tracking progress and learning new words easier :)

Gabriel Arcega


See the review.

You guys are legends for making this. I've been studying Japanese for almost a year now and I think this is gonna be the final puzzle piece to fluency for me. Can't thank you enough! And I'll be using these tools to learn future languages as well. :)

Alexander | 苦集滅道

See the review.

Been using the Migaku Toolset for a good while now and I'm amazed. This has literally changed my life by changing my daily routine. I love this so much and I'll recommend this to everyone I know who is also interested in language learning 😊

Doing Migaku with Korean its been like 3 months or so and I feel farther than I got in my first 3 years of traditional study in Japanese, I really feel like immersion and meaningful monolingual lookups gives you a deep appreciation for the language.


See the review.

Just downloaded and installed the new release. It's a bomb! 🔥 ...not tested all the features so far but I am loving it so far especially the reader. Congrats guys!



See the review.

Thanks so much! I'm really enjoying the new card types. I also feel myself improving even more with phrases instead of individual words.



See the review.

This is seriously next level. You can obviously tell this was made for people who wanted these tools when they were learning a specific language. I’m sold 100%

I just love this language learning toolset...

Noah Sachs

See the review.

The essential app for anyone seriously wanting to learn a language, period.

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