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What is Migaku?

The next generation language learning platform.

Migaku is an innovative language learning startup. We’re creating a platform that lets you learn languages by watching and reading content on Netflix, YouTube, and other sites, using our browser extension and mobile app.

Our core values

We are a startup through and through. We are focused on shipping products and features to users fast, and we strategically accumulate technical debt if it means faster growth. Only after reaching Product Market Fit will we seek to optimize and completely fail proof our codebase. Moving fast should be a startup’s primary focus. We are looking to work together with developers who understand these points and that there are different development approaches that are appropriate at different stages of a company’s life.


Remote Work - Can work from home from anywhere in the world (although we prefer European and East Asian time zones)


36 days flexible vacation/sick days per year. Work hard and play hard.

Working Hours

No set working hours, just make yourself available for necessary meetings with other team members. A minimum commitment of 40 hours per week

Relocation support

Japan visa sponsorship available to the right candidate after we’ve worked together for an agreed upon duration

Interested in joining our team?

Send your application to

Your application should include:

  • The position you are applying for or how you think you can help our team
  • Your CV
  • Links to some of your previous work
  • A word about why you’re looking for a new job and have chosen to apply to Migaku
  • Your desired salary

Check out open positions on our Discord!

The latest job opportunities are posted on our Discord server under #👨👩💻careers. Take a moment to see what our community is like too.

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